Cancer is NOT a Death Sentence!
Cancer Treatment can be
Natural and Effective!
Sound Cancer-Treatment is your Right.

a healthy family is a happy family

In USA alone, cancer treatment is a lucrative business. A NEW cancer case is diagnosed every 30 seconds.

That means over 1,000,000 new cases are discovered every year.

In USA, the likelihood of having cancer in their lifetime for men is 1 in 2,

and for women is 1 in 3.

It is estimated that one person dies of cancer every minute, even after undergone conventional cancer treatment.

Source: American Cancer Society

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that cancer is one of the deadliest diseases affecting the world today.

With all the advancement in medicine, the cure for cancer or effective cancer healing is still remote.

  • In 2005, there were 7.6 million deaths due to cancer

  • In 2015, there will be 9.0 million deaths and

  • In 2030, there will be projected 11.4 million deaths.

Source: WHO

Do you know What is Cancer?

Do you know of Someone who has Cancer?

Do you have a love one, who has Cancer?

Are you lost about what to do with Cancer?

Are you afraid of Cancer?

If you are in this dilemma, you have come to the Right Place!

Cancer is NOT a Death Sentence!

Let's begin on this Journey of HOPE together!

In this place, you will not find medical jargon (or other deep incomprehensible words).

You will find easy Layman's Words as to what is Cancer and how you can eradicate cancer.

You will learn from others who have walked this path of healing before, and others who have struggled to find answers to Cancer (including myself).

In my humble quest to study about Cancer Treatment, I have come to my own discovery that Cancer is not healed by a Magic Bullet - like a cure-all pill described by a physician.

Healing of Cancer is a Healing of Life, and the Change of Lifestyle itself.

I have derived a personal Flowchart, which I will share with you, on How you can Overcome Cancer the Natural Way.

This website is all about this Natural Way or Natural Process of Cancer Treatment.

Ultimately, it is God who Heals, but He has given us enough Wisdom and Knowledge, to be healed of Cancer, and to live Cancer-Free!

Some of the topics that I will be sharing here includes: What is Health and Healing, What is Natural Health and Artificial Health, Natural Healing and Artificial Healing, How to Eradicate Cancer Directly and Indirectly, What Alternative Methods are available, What is radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery, photodynamic therapy, nutritional therapy, herbal therapy, Gerson therapy, detoxification, liver, kidney, sweat glands, lymphatic system, colon health, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, positive thinking, fear, stress, education, life purpose, emotional cleansing, mental cleansing, spiritual cleansing, prayer, fasting, faith, deliverance, deep breathing, sick building syndrome, distilled water, oxonated water, benefits of sunlight, benefits of supplements such as Vitamin C, B Complex, spirulina, enzymes, flaxseed oil, potassium, importance of exercise, lymph exercise, health foods, toxic foods, Hippocrates soup, Cancer Diet, nature of fruits and vegetables, yogurt and friendly bacteria, what is acidic or alkaline food, phyto-nutrients, free radicals and antioxidants, care-giving to cancer patients, other FAQs on Cancer, updates on conventional Cancer treatments, Cancer Centers, and many others.

All of these will evolve around the full cycle of Eradicating Cancer -> Detoxify -> Rejuvenate -> Health [ E - D - R - H ]

God Bless,


Cancer Treatment and Natural Health
Perfect Health is 100% Natural Health. Cancer treatment is regaining Perfect Health. Its about living long, abundant life, full of Natural Health
Cancer Treatment and Natural Healing
Natural Healing is Healing Naturally. Follow the basic principles of Natural Healing, be patient, and you will get well.
Artificial health and Cancer
Artificial health is the opposite of Natural Health. It is dependent on Unnatural Substances to Live. What is artificial health?
Artificial Healing and Cancer
The body is capable of Self-Healing and Self Rejuvenation. Is Artificial Healing the best form of healing available? Does it jeopardize the total health of a person?
Cancer Treatment and Breathing
Breathing is natural, yet many ignore its benefits in Cancer treatment. To inhale more oxygen, breathe in more naturally.
Cancer Treatment and Food - the Natural Cure
Can Cancer Treatment and Food be connected? You are what you eat! and let food be your medicine.
Sunlight, Vitamin D and Cancer
How is Sunlight and Vitamin D related to Cancer? Does Sunlight causes skin cancer? Sunlight can help you in Cancer Treatment.
Cancer treatment and water
Over 75% of your body weight is water. You are what you drink. That is why water is so important for your health and healing.
Caregiving and Cancer
Are you a Carer involved in caring for a Cancer patient? Do you have a spouse, relative or friend that needs care and you are quite lost? Caregiving is teamwork - between the professionals and the
Cancer Treatment and External Cleansing
Health is related to Cleanliness & External Cleansing. Your External Cleanliness is the First Defense Mechanism during an invasion of bacteria, viruses and harmful micro-organisms.
Cancer Treatment and Internal Cleansing
Your body's pollution is causing Cancer Cells to grow. Internal Cleansing removes the Cause of Cancer inside your Body.
Mental Cleansing and Cancer
How is Mental Cleansing related to Cancer? Is the Mind related to the Body? Learn how you can overcome Cancer better by having a renewed Mind.
Eradicate Cancer - Directly
Can You Eradicate Cancer directly? Yes, you can. Find out more about killing cancer from expert researchers
Eradicate Cancer - Indirectly
Can you eradicate cancer without resorting to radiation, chemotherapy or surgery? What are the natural cancer treatments available?
All About Cancer and Cancer Cells you should know
Don't know anything About Cancer? Did your doctor utter some medical terms about cancer leaving you flabbergasted? Here is everything that you needed to know concerning cancer in layman's language.
Cancer Screening
Cancer screening comes before cancer treatment. Ask Questions about Cancer Screening. How accurate is the diagnosis?
Books on Cancer
Your most powerful weapon against Cancer is Knowledge. Read up on recommended books on cancer. Educate yourself to fight the enemy of cancer.
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Blood Test and Cancer
How do you know you have cancer? Is a Blood test a good indicator for cancer? It is not 100% conclusive but some think it has some value.
Artificial Sweeteners and Cancer
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Celebrities with Cancer
Are there any Celebrities with Cancer? Do the rich and famous really get Cancer? Cancer does not discriminate. Many famous people have been diagnosed with Cancer. Here is a list of some of them.
Cancer Treatment Costs (Conventional Treatment)
How much does cancer treatment costs? What are the hidden costs? Where will the money go to? What is the cost of chemotherapy?
Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer is the Second most Common cancer among women. Breast Cancer is responsible for almost 20 percent of all cancer deaths in women.


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