Cancer Statistics

Cancer statistics: How many people get cancer every year?
How many die from cancer in conventional treatment,
and in natural treatment?
What is the cure rate of cancer?

Statistics are important so that you can know what is your chance of survival or getting a cure from cancer, if you choose to go down certain paths of treatment.

Without cancer statistics, we cannot have past experiences and research figures to help you make better choices.

What is Cure rate?

When someone says he is cured of cancer, what you would expect to understand is that he will not die of cancer.

He is expected to live long and to die from other causes such as non-cancerous sicknesses, accidents, or even ripe old age death.

A cured person means he or she will not die from cancer or cancer treatment.

A cured person may have minute number of cancer cells (everyone has a small number of cancer cells) but the amount is small as compared to a "normal" healthy person.

For a normal person, the immune system tackles and kills the cancer cells quickly and easily.

So a cure is an end to a disease. A cancer cure means an end to the medical condition called cancer.

A cure rate means the percentage of people with cancer that is cured by a given treatment.

It is comparing the cancer-free survival of treated people against a similar group of people that are not.

Is the cure rate for conventional / orthodox cancer treatment correct?

In Cancer statistics, the American Cancer Society (ACS) listed some of their cancer cure rates as high as 45% to 55%.

Yet we are reading from other sources that the cure rate for conventional cancer treatment is less than 3%.

Who is telling the truth?

Answer: The reason ACS and other cancer societies claim such high rates is due to the fact that they use a "5 year survival" rate i.e. ability to live for 5 years.

This is an arbitrary figure and there is no scientific basis for choosing this number.

That means if the cancer originates at the liver, and after 5 years, you have no liver cancer but you have lung cancer, you are still considered cured and your figure is added to the cure rate!

Or you have cancer, and you survived for 5 years, but you died from their cancer treatment after 5 years and 1 day, you are still considered cured according to their cure rate statistics.

Or you have been "cured" of cancer by conventional treatment, and due to the destruction of your immune system caused by the toxic treatment, you fall sick by catching a simple cold or pneumonia, and you died.

You are still considered "cured" of cancer - and your name is added to the cure rate.

This is totally unacceptable and a manipulation of cancer statistics to deceive the general public.

Of course the motive behind this is the profiteering of billions of dollars the medical and pharmaceutical industries get from existing and potential cancer patients. Good cancer statistics get more business and that means more money!

On the other hand, we have cancer statistics from alternative treatment, natural treatment, holistic treatment protocols where the cure rate is as high as 90% and some 99%.

Natural cancer treatments have a 30 times higher cure rate than orthodox cancer treatments of radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery.

This is because natural treatments cure the whole person. They target only the cancer cells and not the non-cancer cells.

They rebuild the whole body systems by rejuvenating the body as it is supposed to be, and they continue to enable the former "cancer patient" to live in vitality and good health by healthy living habits.

This site summarizes the natural cancer treatment strategy in a simple and effective chart:

No wonder, there is a "heaven and hell" difference between the cure rates of conventional treatment and natural treatment.

Conventional treatment deals with "5 years cure rate" - regardless of the destruction of quality of life.

Natural treatment deals with "long term cure rate" - enhancing quality AND quantity of life.

The American people, and most of the rest of the world's population, have been brainwashed by television and every other media to "Go to the doctor, at the least sign of any medical problem."

But doctors DON'T KNOW how to be well themselves - or how to get YOU well.  If they did know, they wouldn't be dying of Cancer and other horrible diseases at the same - or greater - rate than the general population. Doctors have a shorter life expectancy than the general population and they have a higher suicide rate.


Dr Lorraine Day, MD


After spending decades researching cancer survival statistics, Dr. Jones concluded, "My studies have proven conclusively that untreated cancer victims usually live up to four times longer than treated individuals."

Dr. Hardin Jones, professor of medical physics and physiology.
University of California, Berkeley

Are we winning the war on cancer?

According to World Health Organization (WHO) cancer statistics, worldwide deaths due to cancer is projected to increase:

  • In 2004 = 7.4 million deaths (around 13% of all deaths worldwide)

  • In 2005 = 7.6 million deaths

  • In 2015 = 9 million deaths

  • In 2030 = 12 million deaths

In the next 25 years from now, death due to cancer is going to increase by 50%

The most frequent types of cancer worldwide (in order of the number of global deaths) are:

  • Among men - lung, stomach, liver, colorectal, oesophagus and prostate.

  • Among women - breast, lung, stomach, colorectal and cervical.

The United States, a developed country, has always been the forefront in science and research pertaining to medicine and diseases.

According to the US National Cancer Institute, the government published these scary cancer statistics:

  • A new cancer is diagnosed every 30 seconds in the US

  • Over 1,250,000 new cases of cancers are diagnosed each year

  • An estimated 559,312 people die of cancer each year, i.e. one person every minute

  • Death due to cancer is 22.8% of total deaths in US (higher than WHO global cancer statistics)

  • The lifetime probability of developing cancer in US men is 1 in 2, and in US women is 1 in 3 (highest in the world)

  • Cancer is the main cause of death in women between the ages of 35 and 74

  • Cancer is the main cause of deaths in children between ages of 1 and 14

  • Based on current trends, by this year 2010, the number one cause of death in US is cancer.

Backtrack a bit, back in 1900, nobody heard of cancer because the occurrences were so little.

In 1950, there were about 150 cancer cases per 100,000 people.

From their cancer statistics we have the number of deaths from cancer:

Year deaths/100,000
1967 157.2
1970 162.9
1982 187.3
1987 198.2
1988 198.4
1989 201.0
1990 203.2
1991 204.1
1992 204.1

In 1997, the CA Journal for Cancer Clinicians put the 1993 death rate at 220 per 100,000 population.

Are we winning the war? No.

Today, the annual budget for the US National Cancer Institute exceeds US$4.8 billion.

This is more than 20 times greater than when the "War on Cancer" was declared in 1971 by President Nixon.

In that year 1971, 215,000 people died of cancer.

Nixon assured the public that if enough money is spent on research, a cancer cure would be found.

This was given at the State of the Union address by Nixon, which led to the National Cancer Act of 1971.

25 years later, in 1996, US News & World Report published the result of the research: that after US$29 billion spent, that year 555,000 people were expected to die from cancer. The bulk of this research was done on more toxic chemotherapy drugs, and not on nutrition, environment and lifestyle (known causes of cancer).

The number of people developing and dying of cancer continues to increase.

In Germany, 1,500 people die from cancer every day after treated with chemotherapy.

According to Professor Abel of the German research centre on cancer in Heidelberg, 98% of patients treated with chemotherapy drugs die within 7 years, and 95% of them die within 5 years.

It was noted that 98% of those patients who did not previously receive treatments with chemo survived! (Source: Dr Ryle Geerd Hamer, founder of German New Medicine)

In UK, cancer statistics show that one in three people will develop cancer in their lifetime and over one in four people die from cancer.

Cancer is the cause of 30% of all the deaths in males and 25% in females.

(2007: incidences of cancers in UK)

What about Asian countries?

Asia had not had much past research and cancer statistics data, but according to Asiaweek published on 21 August 1998, the statistics for cause of deaths are as follows:

Country No: 1 Killer No: 2 Killer
Brunei Heart diseases Cancer
Indonesia Childbirth Heart diseases
Japan Cancer Cerebrovascular
Malaysia Heart diseases Cancer
Philippines Heart diseases Cancer
Singapore Cancer Heart diseases
Thailand Heart diseases Cancer
Vietnam Accident Pneumonia

In Asian countries, their cancer statistics are not too far behind US.

There is no "magic pill" for curing cancer.

The pharmaceutical and medical industry wants you to believe that a magic pill exists in the near future, and only with greater funding and more time, it will be found.

This will never happen. You will not find any magic pill anywhere, not now and probably not ever.

If you have cancer, the conventional method is that you are directed to an oncologist, and he will rely mainly on the three main treatments that he was trained, namely radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.

His thinking will be "if it works, then fine, and if it doesn't work, then too bad."

Cancer is essentially a nutritional disease. It is far more prevalent in the towns where people subsist on artificial food than in the country where men eat fresh natural food, take plenty of exercise and are less troubled with intestinal stagnation and auto-intoxication than are the sedentary inhabitants of the larger cities. We need not abolish civilisation in order to abolish cancer. We need only reform our lives in accordance with the dictates of nature...

Sir Arbuthnot Lane, Bart., C.B., M.B., M.S., F.R.C.S., speaking in the House of Commons, UK

Weigh the cancer statistics

Cancer left in the hands of medicine is a disaster because they are fighting the battle with the wrong mindset.

Doctors have been looking for answers in the wrong place.

If everything is left to medicine, the cancer will kill you, if not the treatment will finish you off.

Cancer must not be treated like a bacteria invasion where the patient can be healed when the bacteria are eliminated and the invasion stopped.

Cancer is a process of evolution of the patients own cells mutating and metastasizing all over the body.

Everyone has cancer cells. When a person is healthy, the cancer cells are automatically eliminated from the body by the healthy cells.

So the war on cancer must firstly be fought by educating the people to build healthy bodies with nutrition and wellness (prevention); and secondly to eradicate cancer cells in the body by building all the body systems to be stronger than the cancer cells (elimination).

Cancer is a nutritional, toxic, environmental condition on the human body, and in most cases, can be reversed successfully through the application of a sound nutritional approach and common-sense lifestyle changes.

Senior French oncologist, Lucien Israel, MD (after 60 years in field of cancer) said, "One mustn't count blindly on chemotherapy to destroy cancer cells. These sick cells, when they are not eradicated by drugs, can become more and more aggressive and more and more difficult to treat" (quoted in "La Presse" of Montréal, 10/26/95).

Credit need to be given to some National Cancer Societies who have conducted their own research that indicates an improved diet may be helpful in keeping a person from developing cancer.

They recommend:

  1. Eat more high fiber foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole cereals.

  2. Include dark green and deep yellow fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamins A and C.

  3. Include broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, kohlrabi and cauliflower.

  4. Be moderate in consumption of salt-cured, smoked, and nitrite cured foods.

  5. Cut down on total fat intake from animal sources and fats and oils.

  6. Avoid obesity.

  7. Be moderate in consumption of alcoholic beverages.

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