Celebrities with Cancer

Are there any Celebrities with Cancer?
Do the rich and famous really get Cancer?
Cancer does not discriminate.
Many famous people have been diagnosed with Cancer.
Here is a list of some of them.

The following list is a compilation of those famous people and celebrities with cancer. Some had cancers or some may still be suffering from cancers. Some have even died from their cancers.

It is by no means belittling them but on the contrary, I wish to salute their bravery to fight against such a dreadful disease.

Also, by means of understanding that cancer does not have prejudice and can hit at the famous or rich as well as the common populace, we will then have a different stance and the courage to overcome it more positively.

We salute and honor these Celebrities with Cancer.


(If you know of other politicians or spouses that I should insert, send me a photo and a simple writeup.)

tony-snow-cancer Tony Snow - US White House Press Secretary - colon cancer
john-kerry-cancer John Kerry - US Senator - prostate cancer
julia-thorne-cancer Julia Thorne - 1st wife of John Kerry - bladder cancer
teresa-heinz-cancer Teresa Heinz - 2nd wife of John Kerry - breast cancer
chris-dodd-cancer Chris Dodd - US Senator - prostate cancer
elizabeth-edwards-cancer Elizabeth Edwards - wife of US Senator John Edwards - breast cancer
colin-powell-cancer Gen. Colin Powell - US Secretary of State - prostate cancer
nelson-mandela-cancer Nelson Mandela - President of South Africa - prostate cancer
endon-mahmood-cancer Endon Mahmood - wife of Malaysia's Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi - breast cancer
ronald-reagan-cancer Ronald Reagan - US President - skin and colon cancer
nancy-reagan-cancer Nancy Reagan, wife of Ronald Reagan - breast cancer
maureen-reagan-cancer Maureen Reagan - daughter of Ronald Reagan - skin cancer
dwight-eisenhower-cancer Dwight Eisenhower - US President - skin cancer
george-bush-sr-cancer George Bush Sr - US President - skin cancer
john-mccain-cancer John McCain - US Senator - skin cancer
emperor-akihito-cancer Emperor Akihito - Emperor of Japan - prostate cancer
rudy-giuliani-cancer Rudy Giuliani - New York mayor - prostate cancer
francois-mitterand-cancer Francois Mitterand - President of France - prostate cancer
princess-michael-of-kent-cancer Princess Michael of Kent - British Royalty - skin cancer
debbie-shultz-cancer Debbie Shultz - US Congresswoman - breast cancer
william-rehnquist-cancer William Rehnquist - US Supreme Court Judge - throat cancer
ruth-bader-ginsburg-cancer Ruth Bader Ginsburg - US Supreme Court Judge - pancreatic cancer
betty-ford-cancer Betty Ford, wife of US President Gerald Ford - breast cancer
eva-peron-cancer Eva Peron - wife of Argentina President Juan Peron - cervical cancer
corazon-aquino-cancer Corazon Aquino - Philippine President - colon cancer
ivica-racan-cancer Ivica Racan - Croatian Prime Minister - kidney cancer
king-hussein-cancer King Hussein - Jordanian King - Lymphoma
jacqueline-kennedy-onassis-cancer Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis - wife of US President John Kennedy - Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
zhou-en-lai-cancer Zhou En Lai - 1st Premier of People's Republic of China - bladder cancer
ted-kennedy-cancer Ted Kennedy - US Senator - brain cancer


(If you know of other film or media stars, or entertainers that I should insert, send me a photo and a simple writeup.)

patrick-swayze-cancer Patrick Swayze - "Dirty Dancing" - pancreatic cancer
farrah-fawcett-cancer Farrah Fawcett - "Charlie's Angels" - colorectal cancer
kathryn-joosten-cancer Kathryn Joosten - "Desperate Housewives" - lung cancer
peter-jennings-cancer Peter Jennings - newscaster - lung cancer
lynn-redgrave-cancer Lynn Redgrave - Broadway actress - breast cancer
charlton-heston-cancer Charlton Heston - "The Ten Commandments" - prostate cancer
sheryl-crow-cancer Sheryl Crow - singer - breast cancer
kylie-minogue-cancer Kylie Minogue - singer - breast cancer
cokie-roberts-cancer Cokie Roberts - journalist - breast cancer
arethra-franklin-cancer Aretha Franklin - soul singer - pancreatic cancer
anastacia-cancer Anastacia - singer - breast cancer
sonique-cancer Sonique - singer - breast cancer
michael-douglas-cancer Michael Douglas - "Wall Street" - throat cancer
christina-applegate-cancer Christina Applegate - "Samantha Who?" - breast cancer
jade-goody-cancer Jade Goody - "Big Brother" - cervical cancer
marianne-faithfull-cancer Marianne Faithfull - singer - breast cancer
dennis-hopper-cancer Dennis Hopper - 'Easy Rider" - prostate cancer
melanie-griffith-cancer Melanie Griffith - "Working Girl" - skin cancer
bob-marley-cancer Bob Marley - songwriter - skin cancer
sharon-osbourne-cancer Sharon Osbourne - "The Osbournes" - colon cancer
elizabeth-taylor-cancer Elizabeth Taylor - "Cleopatra" - skin cancer
tom-green-cancer Tom Green - comedian - testicular cancer
sean-connery-cancer Sean Connery - "James Bond" - throat cancer
roger-moore-cancer Roger Moore - "James Bond" - skin cancer
rod-stewart-cancer Rod Stewart - singer - thyroid cancer
audrey-hepburn-cancer Audrey Hepburn - "My Fair Lady" - appendiceal cancer
olivia-newton-john-cancer Olivia Newton John - singer - breast cancer
suzanne-somers-cancer Suzanne Somers - "Three's a Company" - breast cancer
kate-jackson-cancer Kate Jackson - "Charlie's Angels" - breast cancer
maggie-smith-cancer Maggie Smith - "Harry Potter series" - breast cancer
maura-tierney-cancer Maura Tierney - "ER" - breast cancer
carly-simon-cancer Carly Simon - singer - breast cancer
edie-falco-cancer Edie Falco - "Sopranos" - breast cancer
cybill-shepherd-cancer Cybill Shepherd - "The Last Picture Show" - skin cancer
hoda-kotb-cancer Hoda Kotb - newscaster - breast cancer
anderson-cooper-cancer Anderson Cooper - CNN newscaster - skin cancer
jacklyn-smith-cancer Jacklyn Smith - "Charlie's Angels" - breast cancer
kim-novak-cancer Kim Novak - "Vertigo" - breast cancer
jennifer-saunders-cancer Jennifer Saunders - "Absolutely Fabulous" - breast cancer
andy-whitfield-cancer Andy Whitfield - "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" - non-Hodgkin lymphoma
michael-c-hall-cancer Michael C. Hall - "Dexter" - Hodgkin's lymphoma
andrew-lloyd-webber-cancer Andrew Lloyd Webber - composer - prostate cancer
ethan-zohn-cancer Ethan Zohn - "Survivor" - Hodgkin's lymphoma
robert-de-niro-cancer Robert De Niro - "The Godfather II" - prostate cancer
richard-roundtree-cancer Richard Roundtree - "Shaft" - breast cancer
harry-belafonte-cancer Harry Belafonte - singer - prostate cancer
fran-drescher-cancer Fran Drescher - "The Nanny" - uterine cancer
rue-mcclanahan-cancer Rue McClanahan - "Golden Girl" - breast cancer
melissa-etheridge-cancer Melissa Etheridge - singer - breast cancer
charlie-watts-cancer Charlie Watts - Rolling Stone drummer - throat cancer
cynthia-nixon-cancer Cynthia Nixon - "Sex and the City" - breast cancer
frances-yip-cancer Frances Yip - singer - breast cancer
paul-newman-cancer Paul Newman - "The Sting" - lung cancer
jason-robards-cancer Jason Robards - "All the President's Men" - lung cancer
john-wayne-cancer John Wayne - "The Green Berets" - lung cancer
johnny-carson-cancer Johnny Carson - talk show host - skin cancer
dennis-weaver-cancer Dennis Weaver - "Gunsmoke" - prostate cancer
greg-morris-cancer Greg Morris - "Mission Impossible" - lung cancer
bette-davis-cancer Bette Davis - "Jezebel" - breast cancer
anita-mui-cancer Anita Mui - Madonna of Asia - cervical cancer
lydia-shum-cancer Lydia Shum - Hong Kong Actress - liver cancer
john-forsythe-cancer John Forsythe - "Dynasty" - colon cancer
shirley-temple-black-cancer Shirley Temple Black - "Heidi" - breast cancer
chen-jin-lang-cancer Chen Jin Lang - Singapore singer - colon cancer
jack-benny-cancer Jack Benny - comedian - lung cancer
yul-brynner-cancer Yul Brynner - "The King and I" - lung cancer
nat-king-cole-cancer Nat "King" Cole - musician - lung cancer
betty-grable-cancer Betty Grable - "How to marry a millionaire" - lung cancer
dean-martin-cancer Dean Martin - "Everybody loves somebody" - lung cancer
roddy-mcdowell-cancer Roddy McDowell - "Planet of the Apes" - lung cancer
robert-mitchum-cancer Robert Mitchum - "Nevada" - lung cancer
steve-mcqueen-cancer Steve McQueen -"Papillon" - Mesothelioma
roy-scheider-cancer Roy Scheider - "Jaws" - Multiple Myeloma
michael-landon-cancer Michael Landon - "Little House on the Prairie" - pancreatic cancer
luciano-pavarotti-cancer Luciano Pavarotti - Singer - pancreatic cancer
bob-denver-cancer Bob Denver - "Gilligan's Island" - throat cancer
eartha-kitt-cancer Eartha Kitt - "Santa Baby" - colon cancer


(If you know of other famous, rich or influential people that I should insert, send me a photo and a simple writeup.)

steve-jobs-cancer Steve Jobs - Apple CEO - pancreatic cancer
paul-allen-cancer Paul Allen - Microsoft co-founder - Hodgkin's lymphoma
earl-woods-cancer Earl Woods, father of Tiger Woods - prostate cancer
dana-reeve-cancer Dana Reeve, wife of Christopher Reeve, lung cancer
rosalind-yeoh-cancer Rosalind Yeoh, wife of Francis Yeoh Sock Ping - businessman - breast cancer
betsey-johnson-cancer Betsey Johnson - fashion designer - breast cancer
martina-navratilova-cancer Martina Navratilova - "tennis" - breast cancer
ted-schroeder-cancer Ted Schroeder - "tennis" - colon cancer
joe-torre-cancer Joe Torre - New York Yankees manager - prostate cancer
lance-armstrong-cancer Lance Armstrong - cyclist - testicular cancer
arnold-palmer-cancer Arnold Palmer - golf - prostate cancer
isaac-asimov-cancer Isaac Asimov - writer - thyroid cancer
sigmund-freud-cancer Sigmund Freud - psychologist - mouth cancer
louis-farakhan-cancer Louis Farakhan - activist - prostate cancer
norman-schwarzkopf-cancer General Norman Schwarzkopf - US General - prostate cancer
elizabeth-choy-cancer Elizabeth Choy - Singapore war time heroine - pancreatic cancer
roger-moore-cancer Michael Crichton - author - throat cancer
yves-saint-laurent-cancer Yves Saint Laurent - fashion designer - brain cancer
jerry-zucker-cancer Jerry Zucker - billionaire - brain cancer
charlie-bell-cancer Charlie Bell - McDonald's CEO - colon cancer
charles-schultz-cancer Charles Schultz - Peanuts cartoonist - colon cancer
joe-dimaggio-cancer Joe DiMaggio - baseball - lung cancer
walt-disney-cancer Walt Disney - Disneyland - lung cancer
jiddu-krishnamurti-cancer Jiddu Krishnamurti - Indian philosopher - pancreatic cancer
randy-pausch-cancer Randy Pausch - "The Last Lecture" - pancreatic cancer
aaron-spelling-cancer Aaron Spelling - TV producer - throat cancer
sydney-pollack-cancer Sydney Pollack - film director - stomach cancer


(If you know of other famous Christians that I should insert, send me a photo and a simple writeup.)

The inclusion of Christians in this place does not imply that leaders of other faiths are immune to cancer or its sufferings. Most of the time, the cancer sufferings of other faith leaders are kept non-transparent, and we have hidden knowledge of them.

tammy-faye-messner-cancer Tammy Faye Messner - Televangelist PTL Club - colon cancer
selwyn-hughes-cancer Selwyn Hughes - Everyday with Jesus - prostate cancer
edwin-cole-cancer Edwin Cole - Christian Men's Network - bone marrow cancer
jamie-buckingham-cancer Jamie Buckingham - Charisma magazine - liver cancer
gwen-wilkerson-cancer Gwen, wife of David Wilkerson - New York Times Square Church - cancer
ruth-heflin-cancer Ruth Heflin - "gold dust revival" - breast cancer
frances-hunter-cancer Frances Hunter - How to heal the sick - breast cancer
kay-warren-cancer Kay Warren, wife of Rick Warren - "Purpose Driven Life" - breast cancer
dodie-osteen-cancer Dodie Osteen - wife of John Osteen - liver cancer
betty-price-cancer Betty Price - wife of Fred Price - pelvic cancer
mack-timberlake-cancer Mack Timberlake - international pastor - throat cancer
joyce-meyers-cancer Joyce Meyers - author, teacher - breast cancer
john-piper-cancer John Piper - pastor, author - prostate cancer
john-wimber-cancer John Wimber - pastor Vineyard churches - cancer
peggy-capp-cancer Peggy Capp - wife of Charles Capp - "Tongue a Creative Force" - cancer
billy-graham-cancer Billy Graham - evangelist - prostate cancer
billy-joe-daugherty-cancer Billy Joe Daugherty - Victory Christian Center - lymphoma
daisy-osborn-cancer Daisy Osborn - wife of TL Osborn - cancer


If there is enough interest in this, I can build a Special Memorial Page for Anyone who wants to remember brave men and women who battles with Cancer.

This can apply to close friends or related people who have "gone home" or even those who are still around. What a great way to honor them and appreciate their fight, especially when they are still in this world to see these badges of appreciation for them.

These people are our very own "Celebrities with Cancer".

Let me know, if you want me to build these Memorial Pages!

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